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Medical care for our beloved Trainer & Cook,
Mr Kitanda


Sometimes, it is not just about us, the children of KCBB, but about our supportive community and those who kindly help us:


May we thus ask to all merciful and caring hearts of our gofundme donors to help us reach, as soon as possible for them, our additional target of 1600 EUR (1700 USD) raised to be able to pay for the hospital bills and medical care for our beloved and always dedicated cook, Mr Kitanda.


Mr Kitanda got badly injured whilst working, by a petroleum lamp flare, and has severe burns covering half of his body. We pray that he may recover soon and come back to our KCBB house to cook again for us - what he diligently did well, for years now.


We still need to raise about 1600 euros to reach the forecasted cost of medical bills and medicine purchase for Mr Kitanda: every donation will be so helpful! 


We want to, again, humbly thank our most regular donors who have done so much for us already: blessings, love and 1000 hugs to you all !


The children of Kamuli, on 22 January 2023

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