The country lockdown due to Covid 19 has caused 3.6 million additional Ugandans to fall into poverty and an increased chance of deeper chronic poverty for the already vulnerable families that we serve. 

Transport interruptions, limiting access to markets, quarantines and supply chain disruptions affect supply of food. Uganda has registered over 10,000 cases so far and 78 deaths.

The economic consequences of covid-19 have ended up hurting Kamuli community brass band and the children in the project more and the people in the community than the disease itself. 

Mainly we survive through savings we make after doing concerts and gigs and also support from friends and well-wishers from Europe and in the community but due to the lockdown no activity can be done to generate income in order to support the project.

As Kamuli community brass band we have faced challenges in paying rent for the dormitory where the children stay and we have arrears to pay for 5 months and also paying other bills like electricity and water, we have been unable to clear these bills for 6 months which led to disconnection of electricity and water, this has made life hard and the only solution for water we get from a well which increases the risk of getting disease.

Feeding these children has been a challenge and now we ended up starting to feed children one meal per day or even feeding on porridge in order to minimize the little food that is available in the store.

Transport interruptions, measures limiting access to markets and supply chain disruptions caused localized price hikes. The vulnerable children households with food insecurity are generally more vulnerable and less prepared for an epidemic outbreak and is more likely to experience higher mortality rates, high malnutrition and vulnerability to disease. 

Uganda uses a free market economy.

This means that more than ever the work we do at Kamuli community brass band is important to so many families learning to navigate new challenges. We are working tirelessly to help rebuild communities as we strive to bring hope and love to vulnerable children and alleviate their poverty and suffering.