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It's great that we all still safe despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Here in Uganda the situation is still not yet normal as many cases are confirmed on daily basis, and many deaths being registered every day.

The government however has tried to ease on some restrictions despite the increase in the spread but to allow some sectors to Operate.

Some of the sector that were allowed to Operate is the education where the government allowed Schools to re-open since the closure in March due COVID-19 lockdown. But the government with the ministry of education and ministry of health agreed to allow school( primary, secondary and tertiary or University ) to finish the academic year by allowing only finalists ( those in candidate or final classes ) that's to say primary seven , senior four(O'level), A'level and those in tertiary or University.


These students do their final exams which are set by the Uganda national examination board which is a governing body under the ministry of education .and it's responsible for all finalists in primary, secondary and vocational institutes. And it is this board that determines whether the student from these levels are eligle to go to another education level.

These exams as I said are set by the Uganda examination board and marked but these exams are paid, each student at every level is obliged to pay a fee that is set by this board and every level pay different amount which is called registration fee.

For any Candidate/ finalist has to register so that he or she is eligible to sit for these exams. Any student that does not register and pay the set amount cannot be allowed to do the exams.

As Kamuli community brass band were happy that some of our children are in the final/candidate classes and they are supposed to sit for these exams which will start in early December as per the Uganda national examination board time table,

We have 16 children who are to sit for these exams: 12 children are in primary seven and 4 are in senior four (O'level).

We are afraid that our children are going to miss out on doing their final exams, due to COVID-19. As Kamuli community brass band we are not doing well at all in terms of finances.

In total we are supposed to pay € 1,500 (one thousand five hundred Euros) which is supposed to be paid to their schools so that they are registered and be eligible to do their final exams.

Fortunately, we had already cleared the other fees like tuition and feeding fees hike at school but now we have this urgent and huge amount to pay.

Kamuli community brass band: one of our core values is education and it's our objective to see that these vulnerable children while in the band get a chance to go to school and have education do that their future is bright not only with music skills, but with also having professions in other different areas.

It's really a difficult moment and as for now we have no hopes of getting this amount.

Therefore, we are crying out to all our friends and supporters to help us so that our children are registered: let us give them chance and have hope in life!

Any amount counts and can make to the success of these children.

These registration fees include all other fees e.g, bank charges.


Friends kindly support us by donating to this urgent cause. Let's support these vulnerable children. The deadline for registration is 20th November 2020. I humbly request you to support us.

Thank you so much!

Tibagalika Geofrey, KCBB NGO Director

Dimitri Arnauts, KCBB NGO Ambassador

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