The Kamuli Community Brass Band is very happy to present you its foundational values :

Compassion !
We care for each other, and our tutors and teachers care for us, as we need all to live and make music - with joy, confidence and dignity

Empowerment !
We want to learn, grow and thrive as children, as youths and young adults in our villages and cities - against all odds and difficulties in our lives

Commitment !
As our tutors commit themselves to us, we are full of promise to faithfully devote ourselves to beautiful music, diligent study, fruitful work, purposeful service

Transparency !
We are as we act, and we act as we are: we set ourselves clear goals and communicate to our kind supporters and generous donors about progress  

Accountability !
Our tutors and leadership are vigilant and care about our safety and wellbeing, about the good usage of funds and means - to foster best practices