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Thank you Mr Yoakum! 
Have a blessed Christmas time !
The Children of Kamuli
Dimitri & Geoffrey & the Team


A 5-voice orchestral fugue on the note-name of John.

The children choir sings the opening phrase of the Chorale:


Nun danket alle Gott
Mit Herzen, Mund und Händen,
Der große Dinge tut
An uns und allen Enden,
Der uns von Mutterleib
Und Kindesbeinen an
Unzählig viel zu gut
Bis hier her hat getan.

Now let us all thank God
with heart, mouth and hands;
He does great things
for us and all our purposes;
He for us from our mother's womb
and childish steps
countless great good
has done and still continues to do.

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